Hayagriva Buddhist Centre is a Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist centre in Perth, Western Australia, affiliated with FPMT.


Visit the centre during office hours 10am – 2pm Mon to Sat*

*Centre opening hours are subject to volunteer availability. Please phone to confirm.

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Geshe Sonam’s Flight Delayed

Geshe Sonam returns from overseas today on flight SQ213 at Terminal 1. His flight has been delayed 40 minutes (now arriving at 13:35). Click here to check the arrival time yourself (just type SQ213). You should check again before heading out to the airport.

Last Minute Schedule Change

The Light Offering and Shakyamuni Buddha Puja on 19 Feb (Chötrul Düchen or Day of Miracles) will start at 7.30pm

Venerable Dondrub Jan 2019 Teachings – Audio Recording

Click here to listen to audio recordings of teachings by Venerable Thubten Dondrub given at HBC in January 2019.

Venerable Tsapel Jan+Feb 2019 Teachings – Audio Recording

Click here to listen to audio recordings of teachings by Venerable Tenzin Tsapel given at HBC in Jan & Feb 2019.

Holy Day of Miracles – Chötrul Düchen – Tue 19 Feb 2019

The Fifteen Days of Miracles — from the first day of the Tibetan new year (Losar on 5 Feb 2019) until the fifteenth, Chötrul Düchen (also called Day of Miracles on 19 Feb 2019) — commemorate the special time when Guru Shakyamuni Buddha showed miraculous powers in order to subdue the six Tirthika, who lacked faith in him, and to inspire more faith in his followers. All fifteen days are merit-multiplying days, when the merit of virtuous actions performed on these days is multiplied by 100 million, as cited by Lama Zopa Rinpoche from the vinaya text Treasure of Quotations and Logic.

Program at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre for Chötrul Düchen on Tue 19 Feb 2019:

  • 6.30am Precepts given by Geshe Sonam (eight vows taken for 24 hours with an attitude to benefit others)
  • 12noon Set up tables and bowls and purification of bowls
  • 1pm Filling of extensive water bowls.
  • 7.30pm Light Offering followed by a Shakyamuni Buddha Puja

Offering of food, flowers are welcome at the puja.

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