Hayagriva Buddhist Centre is a Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist centre located in Perth, Western Australia, affiliated with FPMT. We are a registered non-profit organisation funded by donations and run by volunteers.


You can visit the centre during office hours 10am – 2pm Mon to Sat*

*Centre opening hours are subject to volunteer availability. Please phone to confirm.

Phone 9367 4817 or stay in touch by signing up to our fortnightly eNews
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COVID ALERT: Mandatory Masks at HBC

Due to an outbreak of COVID in the community, the Western Australian government has imposed a requirement that masks must be worn indoors (except at home). Anyone visiting the centre as well as those attending events must wear a mask.

If you have visited any of the exposure sites during the specified times you should follow the Health Department instructions. A list of exposure sites is available here.

Venerable Chökyi’s Teaching Schedule

  • Discovering Buddhism How to Meditate over 7 Sundays
    Sundays 13, 20, 27 Feb and 6, 27 Mar and 3, 10 Apr 11:30am-1pm

    In this Discovering Buddhism* module (over 7 weeks), learn the definition and purpose of meditation as Dharma practice: the conducive conditions for meditations, how to sit, how to set up a meditation session, understanding the application of different meditation techniques to deepen your practice and, and how to deal with obstacles that arise in meditation.

    How to Meditate Retreat Fri 15 & Sat 16 Apr (Easter long weekend)

    This Discovering Buddhism module concludes with a “retreat” on 15 & 16 Apr (9am to 4pm Fri and Sat of the Easter long weekend). The two-day meditation retreat focuses on developing shamatha or “calm abiding” meditation and vipassana or “higher seeing” meditation and then combining the two. The focus is on bringing about a profound shift in our perspective, cultivating insights into the reality of how things exist. This helps us to overcome the misconceptions and misperceptions that create all the sufferings and problems we experience in life. Participation in this retreat fulfils the Discovering Buddhism How to Meditate practice component.

    You may choose to attend the 2-day Retreat separately (without attending the entire 7-session How to Meditate course). If you register online for the 7-sessions of the “Discovering Buddhism How to Meditate” module, you will be provided with the printed material.

    Online bookings to “How to Meditate” teachings and to 2-day Retreat NOW OPEN.

  • The Four Noble Truths over 4 Fridays
    Fridays 11, 18, 25 Feb and 4 Mar 10:30am-12noon
    The Four Truths of the noble Arya being, was the very first teaching of the Buddha. His Holiness the Dalai Lama says the Buddha started with the Four Truths because within each of us there is an instinctive feeling to have happiness and to avoid problems and difficulties. Before we can look at how to fulfil that longing, we really need to investigate if this is true or not for ourselves. These teachings will unpack the different aspects in the presentation of the Four Truths.
  • Public Talk: Compassion in Action
    Friday 18 Feb 7pm-8pm
    Venerable Chokyi gives a public talk on understanding our indigenous brothers and sisters, courageous custodians of this great land.

* What is Discovering Buddhism?

Hayagriva is affiliated with the FPMT, a Buddhist organisation with over 160 affiliated centres, monasteries, nunneries, retreat centres, and charitable projects around the world. The FPMT has created Discovering Buddhism, a structured curriculum aimed specifically at newcomers to Buddhism. Discovering Buddhism has 13 modules. Modules are self-contained and can be taken in any order. Each module is taught over several sessions (one per week) and ends with a “retreat”. The “retreat” is an intensive practical conclusion to the module and takes place over an entire day on a weekend (or over two days on a long weekend).

Venerable Chökyi teaches the Discovering Buddhism modules on Sundays (11.30am to 1pm). Discovering Buddhism can be taken as a formal program with accreditation. When you register for Discovering Buddhism at HBC, each week, you will receive the printed material. Discovering Buddhism is described in more detail on the FPMT website.

Venerable Chökyi’s Recently Completed

Venerable Chökyi in Perth & Bunbury

Venerable Chökyi splits her time spending 4 weeks with us at Hayagriva followed by 2 weeks in Bunbury at Tara Meditation Centre. Should you wish to meet with Ven Chökyi or to make offerings to her please contact Marlene Robins on 9367 4817 (during office hours) or send an email to welcome@hayagriva.org.au. Venerable Chökyi will be in Perth on the following dates:

  • Monday Dec 27 – Sunday Jan 23
  • Monday Feb 7 – Sunday Mar 6
  • Monday Mar 21 – Sunday Apr 17

Note: On the Monday beginning her 4 weeks in Perth she will be travelling from Bunbury so is only available in the evening.

Regular Events at HBC

Monday Morning Yoga 9.30am
Event is at HBC. Proof of vaccination will be required from 31 Jan 2022. Teacher is Jude Milan. Must book and pay in advance on Stillness In Motion Yoga website. No “walk ins” without a booking.

Monday Evening Yoga 6pm
Event is at HBC. Proof of vaccination will be required from 31 Jan 2022. Teacher is Lewanna Newman. Enquiries to vitalyoga@gmail.com

Tuesday Morning Meditation 10am
Event is at HBC. Led by senior student (Brian Keegan). Chairs and cushions are provided or bring your own cushion if you prefer. Note: NO online option.

Wednesday Evening Yoga 6pm
Event is at HBC. Proof of vaccination will be required from 31 Jan 2022. Teacher is Jude Milan. Must book and pay in advance on Stillness In Motion Yoga website. No “walk ins” without a booking.

Sunday Morning Meditation 10am
Event is at HBC and Online via Zoom. Led by Venerable Chökyi or by senior student.
In Person Attendance: Chairs and cushions are provided or bring your own cushion if you prefer.
Online Attendance: Book on HBC website at https://www.hayagriva.org.au/online-sunday-meditation-registration/ to be added to mailing list. Zoom link emailed to mailing list on Sunday by 9am.

For All Pujas
Event is at HBC. Led by Venerable Chökyi or by senior student. Chairs and cushions are provided or bring your own cushion if you prefer. Offerings of “unopened” packaged food or of flowers are welcome. Food offerings must not be opened. NO online option.

For Holy Day Events
Event is at HBC. NO online option.

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COVID-19 Restrictions (last updated 16 Jan 2022)

Our Office and Shop are open each day from 10am to 2pm from Monday to Saturday (subject to availability of our office volunteers) except during public holidays.

Where possible, you should try to exercise “physical distancing” when attending events.

“Online” access via Zoom to our Sunday Meditation will continue. There is no limit for the number of “online” participants. Register (click here) to be added to the mailing list. Those on the mailing list will receive an email on Sunday morning containing the necessary “link” to the Zoom session.

When attending events or visiting the centre “in person”, please be aware of the following rules:

  • Every person (12 years and over) must wear a mask at all times. This is mandated by the government. Read the government announcement.
  • On arrival, you must sign in to our “attendance register” or use the SafeWA app on your phone. Importantly, signing in is also mandatory for our volunteers. *
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before and after touching common property e.g. prayers books, tables and chairs, offering bowls, etc.
  • You may use our cushions, mats, wooden tables, plastic chairs and tables. We provide antiseptic wipes if you prefer to wipe down your chair and/or table before use.
  • Please stay at home if you have flu-like symptoms.
  • Food Offerings for the altar and pujas should be unopened packaged items only.

* You can register on our paper form or using the contactless SafeWA app. Look for our SafeWA QR code posted at the door and at our registration desk.