Donations for Roof Repairs to Teacher’s House

Help sponsor a safe roof for our teacher’s house (and create the karma to have a resident teacher)

We need to raise $23,000 to replace the dangerously rusting roof on our teacher’s residence at 62 Banksia Tce. The roof is a sad sight. In fact, it’s had it. There’s a lot of rust and the rain is even leaking onto the front veranda. The roof guys said it’s a miracle it hasn’t leaked inside which could cause ceilings to collapse, injury, and a bigger repair bill.

The gutters and some supports under the roof are also in poor condition. Removing the old roof, replacing it and the gutters, and repairing the supporting structures will cost $23,000 and require 77 sheets of metal. Dividing the total cost of the job by the number of sheets comes to $300 a sheet so the target is for kind benefactors to sponsor 77 sheets at $300 a sheet. If that’s a stretch, we’d be grateful for whatever you can give.

Please help us provide a safe environment for our teacher. Unfortunately, donations are not tax deductible.

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Note: Where you have a choice, we recommend using “Bank Transfer”, “Cash” or “EFTPOS from Bank Account” since we are not charged a transaction fee. Credit card and PayPal charge us a fee. For “Overseas” donations, only the sender will be charged a fee.

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