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Dorje Bell Set Tibetan StylePolished Brass Water BowlsLapis Wrist Mala

   Bells                       Water Bowls           Mala                     Tara Travelling Altar


 Incense – Japan, Nepal, Bhutanese

                          Lawudo Incense - Short SticksBhutanese Incense Pure Land Incense Sticks                            Japanese Lotus                    Lawudo                Bhutanese        Pure Land Nepal

Large Tibetan Prayer Flags (Windhorse)                Endless Knot CardQuotes Card - Loving Kindness

         Prayer Flags       Cards – Endless Knot, Quotes Dalai Lama, Buddha Eyes

How to Practice Shamatha Meditation: the cultivation of meditative quiescenceMinding Closely: the four applications of mindfulnessThe Joy of Compassion Relative Truth, Ultimate Truth