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Live with Compassion Card The Practice of Virtue Card Wheel of the Meritorious Elephant Generating Power - Card Colorful Namgyalma Mantra Card

                 Practice Booklet                                             Tibetan  Incense & Holder

            A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha             Hand Painted Incense Burner Lotus Shape


   Large Tibetan Prayer Flags (Windhorse)       Om Mani Mantra Prayer Flag English/Tibetan          Quotes Card - Loving Kindness

                Prayer Flags                                                                        Cards                                 Decorative Table Runner with Tassles                Mandala Offering Set - Standard 5.5"           Large Bead Sandalwood Mala

        Table Runners                             Mandala                         Mala


The Attention Revolution : Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind - B. Alan Wallace