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Statues – Full Gold 21cm

White Tara

 An offering of $465.00 / Members $445.00


An offering of $415.00 / Members $375.00

Kadampa Stupa

$125.00 (10cm) Members $105.00

Statues are not blessed or filled.  If required, please contact


Nepal Pure Land Incense Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery 

Pure Land Incense Sticks

 Relaxation: Meditation: Healing: Inspiration 24 sticks $8.00 each

Lawudo Incense  65 sticks  $9.00Tibetan Incense Sticks, Incense Sticks, Incense Burners, Incense ConesRhodendron, cedar flowers, juniper


Tara Healing Incense 20 sticks $7.00                                                    Image result for Tara Healing Incense                                                                                        

Deity Incense – Medicine Buddha $12.oo                                            

Wisdom Bliss Incense $12.00         55 short sticks                                 A Wisdom Bliss Incense

Himalayan Dream  $12.00 Sandalwood Bergamot Geranium Orange 35 sticks

Himalayan Flower $12.00  Rhododendron, Juniper & Kaula 35 sticks

Himalayan Medicine Buddha $12.00 Himalayan Herbs  35 sticks


Lotus Blossom Incense Sticks $7.00  Juniper                            Lotus Blossom Incense- Short Sticks         


Bhutanese Incense Powder $7.00   Medicine Buddha Zambala   Image result for medicine buddha bhutanese incense powderImage result for zambala bhutanese incense powder\

Incense Burner  $9.00 Flat Incense Burner Painted  Lotus Incense Burner $9.00 Hand Painted Incense Burner Lotus ShapeIncense Burner $9.00 Painted Small Bowl Incense Burner

Ceramic Frog Incense Holder 10cm green or blue         $8.00

Ceramic Frangipani Holder 4.5cm Pink, yellow $5.00

Ceramic Dragonfly Incense holder $6.00                                             

Black Square Ceramic Incense Holder (6cm x 6cm) $6.00             

Tibetan Incense  

Juniper, Lotus, Windhorse, Nag Champa, Buddhist Purification         19 sticks  $7.00

Sandalwood, Jasmine

Tibetan terracotta incense holder Bodhi Leaf , Endless Knot $6.00       

Ceramic Elephant Incense Holder $7.00 ( Blue, Green, Pink) 


Gold Bodhi Leaf  Sandalwood Amber Juniper + holder $22.00          

Fire Flame Gift Box Sandalwood, Juniper, Nag Champa + holder $22.00

Japanese Temple Incense 

Tsuchi/Earth Sandalwood,Clove,Patchouli Ginger Lily 30 sticks roll $16.00 Tsuchi

Kaze/Wind Sandalwood Ginger Lily Cinnamon 30 sticks roll $15.00                  Kaze / Wind

Sora/Sky Cinnamon Clove Indian Sandalwood 30 sticks roll $15.00                 Sora / Sky

Royal Nave White Sandalwood Agarwood Gingko 25 sticks $30.00   Royal Nave - Temple

Plum Blossom Sandalwood Cinnamon Clover 30 sticks $8.00           

Middle Path Sandalwood Cinnamon Cardomon Camphor 30 sticks roll$7.00

Hanabishi Flower Diamond

Sandalwood Cinnamon Clove Star Anise Cardomon 45 sticks roll $8.00

Japanese Lotus 35 sticks roll $7.00                                                           

Karaku / Kingdom of Sandalwood 200 sticks $26.00              

Sacred Tree Sandalwood 80 sticks (long) Smokeless $22.00      Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree Sandalwood 100 sticks Smokeless $16.00                      

Northern Rose Rugosa Rose Green Tea Japan Persea Bark 80 sticks $16.00

Imperial Mountain

 Japanese Medicinal Herbs Green Tea Charcoal Powder 80 sticks $16.00


Kiho/Brilliant Peaks Sandalwood 100 sticks per roll $8.00             

Royal Nave White Sandalwood Agarwood Ginkgo 80 sticks $16.00                   Royal Nave

Honoka/Silhouette Sandalwood, Frankincense 150 sticks $22.00              

White Chrysanthemum  Smokeless      130 sticks              $15.00                

Imperial Mountain Smokeless incense 130 sticks  $13.00                                

Forest of Flowers Sandalwood Daphne Cinnamon 80 sticks $13.00 Forest of Flowers

Heavenly Palace Cyprus Cinnamon Jatamamsi Cloves 100 sticks $13.00

Japanese Wildflower 130 sticks $13.00                                                           

Lotus Incense Holder 11cm  handmade paper box $16.00    

Circular Elephant Holder 8.5cm diameter $11.00                               

Japanese Crane Incense Holders  $10.00  (Blue,Green, Pink)

 Incense holder  Boat 14cm long (Pink, Blue, Green)  $8.00  

 Boat 25cm White,Emerald,Turquoise $10.00                               

Polished Brass Water Bowls (7 set)    4.5cm$19.00 Polished Brass Water Bowls

Stainless Steel Water Bowls (7 set)$20.00

Khata $5.00                                                                                   Smooth Long Poly Khata

Khata with Auspicious Symbols $8.00                        

Damaru (Hand Drum) best quality 11cm $60.00  Damaru (Hand Drum) Standard Quality

Mandala  Set 15cm $112.00                                                 

Dorje Bell Tibetan Style  best quality  large $55.00         Dorje Bell Set Tibetan Style

Dorje Bell Tibetan Style second quality small $20.00 Dorje Bell Set Tibetan Style

Dorje Bell Cover $12.00                                        KB456


Dorje Bell Mat with Wheel Design $17.00                          Dorje Bell Mat with Wheel Design

Dorje Bell Runner with Auspicious Symbols  $15.00    Dorje Bell Runner with Auspicious Symbols Design         

Cloud Pattern Table Runner $13.00                           Cloud Pattern Table Runner                                  

Lotus Pattern Table Cloth Pure Silk  

30 cm x 40cm $20.00                                                                   Lotus Pattern Table Cloth In Pure Silk

Mandala Pattern Table Cloth $27.00    78cm x 78cm   Mandala Pattern Table Cloth

Shambu – Gold or Green 1 metre $12.00                     Shambu - Gold

Patchwork Puja Table Cloth 

70cm x 70cm $30.00                                                                Patchwork Puja Table Cloth

Tibetan style table cloth 32cm x 32cm $20.00                  Tibetan Style Table Cloth


Lotus Pattern Book bag $12.00                     Light Green, Cream

Brocade Book bag $16.00    Yellow                                              Brocade Book Bag Assorted Pattern

Large Book bag Geometric Pattern $16.00 Yellow           Large Book Bag with Geometric Pattern


Silk Thangka Shakyamuni Buddha 29 x 22cm $45.00               Silk Thangka of Buddha Shakyamuni

Car Hanger Om Mani Padme Hum $8.00                                               Car Hanger With Om Mani Padme Hum

Door Curtain Bhutan $40.00                                                                   Bhutanese Door Curtain

Door Curtain Natural Cotton Eternal Knot $20.00  Red                    Door Curtain in Natural Cotton Eternal Knot Applique


Prayer Flags (roll) Windhorse         Large Tibetan Prayer Flags (Windhorse)    Large Tibetan Prayer Flags (Windhorse)       Large Tibetan Prayer Flags (Windhorse)                                                          

Large 25 flags 30cm x 30cm $11.oo Medium 10flags 18cm x 15cm $8.00

Small 10 flags 10cm x 10cm $5.00

Om Mani Padme Hum Tibetan/English 10 flags string $6.00           

Windhorse Paper Prayer Flags

Tiny 15 flags 3.5cm x 3.5cm $4.00 Small 26flags 6.5cm x 6.5cm $5.00

 Large 21 Flags 13cm x 13cm $9.00


Aryuveda Teas & Chai   (organic loose leaf) $12.00

Master-Chai - 120g Organic Chai Spice Power Calm-Sky Herbal Tea – 30g Organic Loose LeafArise-Awake Herbal Tea – 90g Organic Loose Leaf Evening-Rest Herbal Tea – 90g Organic Loose Leaf Triphala-Digest Herbal Tea – 90g Organic Loose Leaf

Master-Chai        Calm-Sky      Arise-Awake        Evening-Rest    Triphala-Digest

120g                               30g                      90g                    90g                            90g


Peace-Dream Herbal Tea – 50g Organic Loose Leaf Warm-Calm Herbal Tea – 90g Organic Loose Leaf           NEW - Chest-Breathe Herbal Tea – 90g Organic Loose LeafNEW - Revive-Refresh Herbal Tea – 30g Organic Loose Leaf

Peace-Dream 50g   Warm-Calm 90g Chest-Breathe 90g Revive-Refresh 30g

Heart Power Ayurveda Soap  $8.00  Vetiver, Cedarwood SandalwoodHeart-Power Ayurveda Cold-Pressed Soap Bar – 105g

Eternal Light Ayurveda Soap  $8.00 Frangipani                                    Eternal-Light Ayurveda Cold-Pressed Soap – 105g

Tulsi Blue Ayurveda Soap $8.00 Tulsi, Eucalyptus Blue Camomile Tulsi-Blue Ayurveda Cold-Pressed Soap Bar – 105gEastern Organic Spice Blend 40g $8.00 Eastern-Spice – 40g Organic Spice Blend

Western Organic Spice Blend 25g $8.00 Western-Spice Blend – 25g Organic Spice Blend

Calm-Mind Ayurveda Massage Oil 50ml $25.00                                          Calm-Mind Ayurveda Shiro-Abhyanga Oil – 50ml

Wisdom – Sea Ayurveda Massage Oil 50ml $25.00                               Wisdom-Sea Ayurveda Massage Oil – 50ml

Heart-Power Ayurveda Massage Oil 50ml $22.00                                    Heart-Power Ayurveda Massage Oil – 50ml

Rosehip-Revive Moisturising Facial Treatment 50ml $22.00           Rosehip-Revive Ayurveda Moisturising Facial Treatment – 50ml

Honey – Face organic face mask 120g $28.00                                                Honey-Face Rejuvenating Face Mask – Organic 120g

Pure – Glow organic face body scrub 90g $25.00                                     Pure-Glow Face and Body Scrub – Organic 90g

Mala – Lapis Lazuli  108 bead $30.00  Wrist mala 21 bead $25.00        Lapis Mala Small Beads

Wood Beads Inlaid with Turqoise and Coral 108 bead $19.00

Rosewood with Coral Divider 108 bead $16.00                               Rosewood Mala Coral Divider Beads

Sandalwood 108 bead $25.00 Wrist mala 21 bead $15.00                   Standard Sandalwood Mala 108 Beads

Rosewood 108 bead $17.00 Wrist mala 21 bead $12.00                      Plain Rosewood Mala With Tassel

Tiger Eye 108 bead $23.00 Wrist mala $17.00                                        Tiger Eye Mala 108 Beads

Crystal 108 bead  $35.00 Wrist 21 bead $20.00                                      Crystal Mala 108 Beads

Rosewood Wrist Mala Coral Turqoise $10.00                       KW520c (8mm)

Carnelian  Wrist 21 bead $15.00                                               Carnelian Mala 108 beads

Lotus Seed with Turqoise Divider  108 bead $60.00              Lotus Seed Mala With Turqoise Divider Beads

Red Sandalwood Turqoise Divider Wrist  21 bead $19.00             Red Sandalwood - Turquoise Divider

Plain Wood mala with Silver divider 108 bead $10.00                  Plain Wood Mala with Silver Divider Bead

Mala Bag $7.00 (Green)                                                Mala Bag

Lotus Pattern Mala bag with Zipper $6.00 Yellow, Blue, Maroon, RedLotus Pattern Mala Bag With Zipper

Striped Shawl Dharamsala $27.00 (200 x 105cm)   Blue, Red           

Shawl $27.00 (195 x 95cm) wool mix Bottle green, Cream                     Thick Wool Shawl

Pashmina Grey, Pink, Orange 200cm x 70cm $35.00                             Pashmina Shawl

Book Bags White, Red  $5.00                                                                Coin Pattern Book Bag In Poly Silk

Round Mat Embroider 8 Auspicious Symbols $16.00                 


Shoulder Bag Monk Style $17.00  Yellow, Green                                    Shoulder Bag Monk Style

Dragon Pattern Shoulder Bag $17.00  Yellow, Dark Blue                   

Shoulder Bag brocade insert $13.00                                                 Shoulder Bag with Brocade Insert


Gold Bodhi Leaf Card $5.00     Pink, Yellow, Dark Green  Gold Bodhi Leaf Card

Endless Knot Card $5.00    Red, Light Green, Yellow         Endless Knot Card

Bodhi Leaf Card $5.00  Light Blue, Light Green                                           Bodhi Leaf Card

Buddha Eyes Card $5.00                                                           Buddha Eyes Card

His Holiness Dalai Lama Quote Cards  $5.00        

          Quotes Card - Cherishing OthersQuotes card - True Meaning Of LifeQuotes Card - Never Give Up Quotes Card - CompassionQuotes Card - AwarenessQuotes Card - Confidence In OneselfQuotes Card - Loving Kindness Quotes Card-Friendship

Golden Lotus Card $5.00                                                           Golden Lotus Card

Tibetan Paper Journals  Small $10.00 Medium $12.00

-Bodhi Leaf/Tashi Delek/Courage/Wisdom

The Wisdom of Compassion – Dalai Lama $32.00                  

Worlds in Harmony – Dalai Lama $17.00                                

Refining Gold – stages Buddhist contemplative practice $30.oo


Minding Closely – Four Applications of Mindfulness $32.00          

Awakening the Kind Heart (paperback) REDUCED to $24.00                                                     

Daily Meditation Shakyamuni Buddha $10.00                    A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha

Green Tara Sadhana $10.00                                                         Green Tara Sadhana

Medicine Buddha Sadhana $10.00                                            Medicine Buddha Sadhana

Meditations on White Tara $10.00                                            Meditations On White Tara

Bodhisattva Vows $12.00                                                               Bodhisattva Vows

Guru Yoga Lama Tsong Khapa $12.00                                     Guru Yoga of Lama Tsong Khapa

Preliminary Practice of Going for Refuge $12.00                Preliminary Practice of Taking Refuge

Extensive Offering Practice $12.00                                            Extensive Offering Practice

Altar Bowl Set-up & Water Bowl Offerings $12.00           The Preliminary Practice of Altar Set-up & Water Bowl Offerings

Vajrasattva The Preliminary Practice $12.00                      Vajrasattva - The Preliminary Practice

White Dzambala Wealth Practice $10.00                              White Dzambala Wealth Practice


Atisha’s Lamp Path to Enlightenment Paperback REDUCED  $20.00Atisha's Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment

A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life Paperback REDUCED $20.00A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life by Shantideva (English) Paperback Book Fr

Patience : a guide to Shatideva’s sixth chapter $50.00 hardback

Six Perfections : the practice of the bodhisattvas $54.00 hardback

Bodhicitta : practice for a meaningful life $56.00 hardback             

Four Noble Truths: a guide to everyday life $54.00 hardback           


Genuine Happiness (Hardback)             REDUCED     $35.00                Genuine Happiness : Meditation As the Path to Fulfillment, Paperback by Walla...

Ultimate Healing                            Lama Zopa Rinpoche $15.00              Image result for ultimate healing + book + lama zopa rinpoche

Transforming Problems into Happiness  Lama Zopa Rinpoche $25.00 Transforming Problems into Happiness eBook 

Wholesome Fear Transforming Anxiety Impermanence & Death   $22.00Wholesome Fear : Transforming Your Anxiety About Impermanence & Death, Paperb...Lama Zopa Rinpoche


How to be Happy   Lama Zopa Rinpoche $19.00                                          How to Be Happy

When the Chocolate runs out  Lama Yeshe  $19.00                                When the Chocolate Runs Out

How to Practice Dharma  Lama Zopa Rinpoche $13.00                           

The Perfect Human Rebirth  Lama Zopa Rinpoche $13.00                    

Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive publish books for free distribution.

Becoming Your Own Therapist – Lama Thubten Yeshe Virtue and Reality – Lama Zopa Rinpoche The Essence of Tibetan Buddhism – Lama Thubten Yeshe Teachings from Tibet – Guidance from Great Lamas  Life, Death and After Death Lama Yeshe  The Joy of Compassion Lama Zopa Rinpoche Ego, Attachment and Liberation Overcoming your Mental Bureaucracy, A Five Day Meditation Course Lama Thubten Yeshe How Things Exist Teachings on Emptiness Lama Zopa Rinpoche